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Four cutters in one make this an essential tool for every graphic studio and signmaking workshop

Designed specifically for the large format and presentation graphics industry, the Excalibur vertically cuts sheet materials any length up to 63"H while providing the ultimate in space saving convenience.

The Excalibur is so easy to operate that it can be mastered within minutes. The Excalibur delivers accurate, fast cutting with square clean cuts to the correct size everytime, whether for one-off jobs or full production runs.


All cutting heads are mounted on a sliding head, ready for instant selection and use. The top Twin Wheel Cutting Head is for cutting hardboard, masonite, MDF up to 1/8" thick and Dibond up to 4MM thick.

The bottom cutter is an ingenious, indexed turret mounted on sliding head that turns to lock any one of the three cutting tools in its selected position, quickly, with no screws or tools.

1. Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel

scores glass and mirrors up to .24" thick.

2. Scoring Blade for acrylics.

3. Heavy Duty Cutting Blade for

matboard, paper, rigid PVC Foamboard, Gatorboard and Foamcore up to 1/2" thick, vinyl, corrugated cardboard, honeycomb plastics and cardboard.


Model # 60376 Excalibur 5000 Series 63" Cutter $2175 Overall Size: 84"W x 12-16"D x 96"H

Excalibur 5OOO Accessories, Replacement Blades & Cutters

Model #


List Price


Free Standing Kit



Medium Duty Blades

$25/Box of 100


Tungsten Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel



Replacement Twin Wheel Cutter



Replacement Cutting Wheels



The Ultimate Large Format Precision Cutting Table

The combination of the BIG Bench with the choice of the Javelin or Practik creates the ultimate precision cutting table. The stability of the BIG Bench with individual level adjustment on each leg provides a firm and flat work surface to ensure extreme accuracy while cutting and protects the most sensitive surfaces. More Features of the BIG Bench:  

The aluminum table edge extrusion incorporates a cutting base with a narrow groove to accept the blade tip when cutting, no need for expensive self-healing cutting mats, 

Full-length silicon rubber strip mounted in the surface of the table edge ensures all work is held perfectly in place

An accurate full length scale in both inches and metric is fitted as standard equipment.

BIG Bench Only


BIG Bench

with Javelin

BIG Bench

with Practik

Model # Size

Customer Supplied Top

Overall Size

List Price

Model #

List Price

Model #

List Price

60910 40"

45'W x 31" D x 3/4"H

49"W x 36"D x 36H






60912 60"

65"W x 31" D x 3/4"H

69"W x 36"D x 36"H






60914 80"

841/2W x 31" D x 3/4"H

88"W x 36"D x 36H






60916 100"

104"W x 31" D x 3/4"H

108"W x 36"D x 36"H






60918 120"

124"W x 31" D x 3/4"H

128"W x 36"D x 36"H






(Cutter and worktop not included, ships ready-to-assemble)



The Excalibur 1000 features a cutter head with interchangeable utility blade and plastic scoring blade and features a ratchet device making it ideal for cutting rigid PVC up to 1/2" thick.

Model #


List Price


Free Standing Kit



Medium Duty Blades 

$25/Box of 100


Scoring Blade for Plastic



Glass Cutting Cartridge



Tungsten Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel



Twin Wheel Cutter Head



Replacement Twin Wheel Cutter



Replacement Cutting Wheels


Excalibur 1OOO Replacement Blades & Cutters

The Excalibur embodies the highest standards of engineering excellence combined with outstanding value for the money.



Wall Mounting

Mounted on two telescopic legs that can adjust upon installation to suit the height of the user. Fixed to the wall at its top end only, the weight of the machine, material and cutting forces go down through the legs. Unlike other wall-mounted cutters, there is little reliance upon the stability of the wall or fixtures.

Free Standing

Free standing leg kit available as an option should the Excalibur be required for use in the middle of the workshop floor.

Backing Panels

Large backing panels on both sides of the machine give maximum support to the material being cut.

Cutting Line

All four tools cut along the same cutting line.

Cutting Line Indicator

The Excalibur has a clear plastic strip along the edge of the clamp which accurately indicates the position of the cut line. Particularly useful when cutting boards to crop lines, pencil marks or the edges of an image.

Ratchet Feature

The lower multi-cutting head has a built in ratchet which enables thick dense boards, such as PVC foamboard, to be cut with ease. Notch the cutter into the depth required and take the cut, repeat notching the ratchet in and cutting until the full depth is reached.

Balance Weight

The Excalibur 5000 has a counter balance weight that can be connected to either cutter head with the flip of a switch. The counter balance takes the effort out of lifting the cutting when repetitive cutting. It also enables the Twin Wheel Cutter to be easily parked at the top of the machine. When released, the balanced cutting head stays exactly in the last position ready for the next operation.

Pressure Sensitive Clamp

The clamp system consists of a unique friction brake design which holds the board under the pressure applied by the user. The harder the clamping handle is pushed, the firmer the grip on the board. This has two primary benefits: Light clamping on soft boards prevents any surface damage; when cutting to a line, it gives the user the ability to lightly clamp the board to hold in position, but allows it to be moved under the clamp for final alignment.

One Piece

Squaring Arm

The horizontal squaring arm is machined from a single heavy duty aluminum extrusion. This extrusion includes the channel in which the material is supported and is individually checked for straightness. Therefore, both the left and right hand sides are in perfect alignment with each other. This alignment is essential to obtain accurate square cuts.

Squaring Adjuster

The setting of the Vertical Cutting Bar to the Horizontal Squaring Arm requires a setting of exactly 90 degrees. The single hand wheel at the top of the machine provides easy and accurate squaring adjustment.

Flip Stops

Cutting to size is very easy. Two flip stops can be engaged or disengaged without disturbing the settings. Accurate measuring and cutting by eye is made simple by the clear dual calibrated scales.


The unique sub-surface monorail bearing system and twin cutting wheels is truly in a class of its own. There is no overhead guide mechanism to obscure the cut line, the mechanism cannot distort under heavy cutting pressure. The two tungsten steel cutting wheels give unrivaled performance and long life with two way cutting.

The Keencut Advanced Rotary Cutter is a strong, precise rotary cutting machine equally capable of cutting the thinnest tissue and film, flexible sheet materials up to heavy cardboard, nonferrous metals, plastics, paper, - cleanly, safely and precisely. Two clamp rollers provide secure double clamping

during cutting with up to double the gripping effectiveness of other rotary cutters.

Superbly styled and built with an extruded silver anodized all-aluminum base, low friction sliding bearings and self-honing cutting wheels. The Keencut Advanced Rotary Cutter is designed to give years of peak performance.


Advanced Rotary Cutter

Model Cut Length Overall Size List Price


12' 21"W x 17"D x 2"H



15' 24W x 17'D x 2"H



18' 27"W x 17'D x 2"H



24" 33"W x 17"D x 2"H



30' 40"Wx17'Dx2"H



36' 46"W x 17"D x 2"H



42' 52"W x 17'D x 2"H



48" 58"W x 17"D x 2"H



54" 64"W x 17"D x 2"H



60' 70"W x 17"D x 2"'H



72' 82"W x 17"D x 2"H


60541 60542

100" 110X"W x 17"D x 2"H


120" 130"W x 17"D x 2"H



36" Extended Measuring Arm fits all models


Accessories for Advanced Rotary Cutter and Sabre General Purpose Cutter for 30" and Larger   
Fits Model # Rotary Sabre 36"H Stand Model # List Price  Waste Catcher Model # List Price  Roll Dispenser Model # List Price


62360 $425

62678 $155

66110 $125

60535 60730

62361 $430

62679 $165

66111 $130


62362 $440

62680 $180

66112 $130


62363 $450

62681 $190

66113 $140


62364 $465

62682 $205

66114 $145

60539 60731

62365 $520

62683 $225

66115 $155

60540 60732

62366 $535

62684 $250

66116 $160

60541 60733 60542 60734

62367 $580 62685 $305 66117 $180

62368 $595

 62686 $350

 66118 $200

66119 Roll Dispenser fits all models

12" -24" $125





Cuts Straight, Square & Clean


Javelin Factory laser squared guarantees straight and accurate cuts to within .008" over the full length of the cut. An essential tool for butt joints on sectional panels and pop-up systems.

Practik Innovative design guarantees straight and accurate cuts to within .03" over the full length of the cut. Practical choice for cutting flexo plates, graphics and sign making materials.

Keencut Precision Cutters are an ingenious cutting solution, which offers a standard of straight, square and clean cutting that is impossible to achieve with a hand-held knife and straight edge. Additional built-in features have created an indispensable precision cutter that is safe for both people and product:

Cutter Bar is fitted with two full-length rubber strips on the underside that grip tenaciously to any surface without marking.

Patented linear bearings have been test run under load for 1000 miles with the result they are guaranteed for 20 years.

Comes with 100 standard medium duty blades that can be changed in seconds with no tools.

a Cutters can be easily lifted and stored safely out of the way on wall-mounted brackets.


Model #

Cut Length Overall Size

List Price

A Safe and Simple Precision Cutter Requiring No Special Skills

Using the Precision cutters alone or with the BIG Bench could not be easier, just place the cutter bar on the material to be cut, align it with the image registration or crop marks, depress the cutting head and push or pull it along to cut.

Specifically designed to cut large format graphics, pop ups, signs, plastic panels and much more.

Flexo plates up to .3" (unprocessed and processed).

PVC foamboard up to .25" thick.

Foam centered board up to .4" thick, 0.5" with new Keencut XR-Utility Blade.

Honeycomb and corrugated plastics.

Vinyl and plastic film.

Cardboard & corrugated cardboard.


40" 45"W x 6"D x 2"H



60" 65"W x 6"D x 2"H



80" 84'W x 6"D x 2H



100" 104"W x 6"D x 2"H



120" 124"W x 6"D x 2"H



Box of 100 Medium Duty Blades



Box of 100 XR-Utility Blades


Practik Model #

Cut Length Overall Size

List Price


40" 45"W x 6"D x 2"H



60" 65"W x 6"D x 2"H



80" 84"W x 6"D x 2"H



100" 104"W x 6"D x 2"H



120" 124"W x 6"D x 2"H



Box of 100 Medium Duty Blades



Box of 100 XR-Utility Blades